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For those who dare to

Take on the world

Freehive is a creative agency. Passion for disrupting monopolies, empowering innovators, and striving for the impossible, motivates the projects we take on down to the tools we use. This passion sets us apart. It makes us invaluable allies to those who dare to take on the world.

3D Rendering & Animation

Our capable 3D artists are able to bring the wonder of computer graphics to more than blockbuster movie audiences, but to product innovators of all sizes. Learn More.

Web & Interaction Design

Our web design and development expertise offers underdog brands the digital experiences and creative content to go head-to-head against their largest competitors online. Learn More.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Guided by marketing-expertise, our illustrations, logos, displays, print collateral, and more have greater power to persuade and make lean budgets go further. Learn More.

Creating Impact Since 2010

Our passion is for creating extraordinary impact, for world-recognized brands, but especially for underdogs. Our rare combination of creativity and marketing expertise are the secret to our success. Here are just a few brands we've helped along the way:

AmazonBend LabsArmorActiveColmekDecorworxGood 2 Go StoresDome TechnologySne iPad StandSolid Carbon ProductsRockit GearThe AlphaSierra GroupEduro HealthcareOPSGEARBH Genetic ServicesEgility
+ dozens more
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