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Graphic Design & Illustration

Creative Capabilities

  • Branding. Everything to transform a brand's visual identity from logos to mascots, backed by extensive branding experience.
  • Print Collateral. Business cards to catalogs, and the design of everything printed (or emailed) in-between.
  • Infographics. Understandable graphical illustrations of complex data by designers who are both creative and logical.
  • Signage and Displays. Retail signage, point-of-purchase displays, trade show banners, and print/digital displays.
  • Product Packaging. Concept development through final artwork design for packaging that helps products jump off the shelf.
  • Digital Painting/Illustration. Elements of fine art crafted digitally to created a mood or tell stories in print, by video, or online.
  • Motion Graphics and 2D Animation. From animated logo bumpers to lengthier animations that tell stories about brands or products.
  • Branded Apparel. Embroidered hats, uniforms, screen-printed apparel and more.

The Difference

Marketing-Guided Creativity

We're not just creatives, but marketers as well. That's how we've come to learn that for our work to have impact it must answers the questions:

  • How will this product/service improve my life?
  • How is it different, better or special?
  • Why can I believe your claims?
  • What should I do?

Case Study

A Complete Brand Makeover

On the precipice of rapid growth from several stores to several dozen, Good 2 Go Stores needed branding expertise to help escape its forgettable identity and emphasize its core values. Freehive assisted in a head-to-toe redesign that ranged from crafting a logo that was more legible, to signage and labeling that emphasized pragmatism and cleanliness.

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