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Creative Brief

The team at elementary create the widely lauded operating system elementary OS, which has historically been supported by donations and merchandise sales. A new partnership with Star Labs* and the opportunity to generate revenue through sales referral commissions created the need to evaluate the old page design and promote both alternative ways to help fund the project. Additionally the latest version of the operating system had introduced dark/light modes, which the site would feature with its own dark/light versions. The goal to promote elementary OS as a viable alternative to those backed by Apple and Microsoft required great attention to every detail. This attention to detail is likewise central to the elementary brand. In addition to the page design, Freehive created original product renderings used on the page and elsewhere.

Unfortunate circumstances prevented the in-house team at elementary from implementing the full design, though it remains an exciting foundation for future work and a prime showcase of blending web design and 3D animation.

*This affiliate link supports the work done at elementary. Go buy yourself a nice computer!